Ultimate IELTS Jakarta is proud to be renowned for quality IELTS provision. Our intensive IELTS programme has proven results, with most students progressing by 0.5 per course (in accordance with British Council guidelines). The course is designed for students who are prepared to work hard to improve their IELTS score in a shorter period of time.


Ultimate IELTS Jakarta offers an intensive IELTS preparation course designed for students who have limited time and an intermediate level proficiency of English.  Our programs will guarantee students a band 6 out of 9 score, either in General, or Academic IELTS Tests.

Kursus Ielts di Jakarta
Ielts Jakarta

Limited seats available!!!

10 students per class.

Kursus IELTS Jakarta


BSE Translation, Interpreting And Indonesian For Foreigner Services. Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam VIII No.1, South Jakarta. (Next to Cawang Station)

Pondok Mitra Lestari, Jl. Pd. Mitra Lestari No.9, Jaka Setia, South Bekasi.

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